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Giveaway and sale at Notebooking Pages

I used Notebooking in our homeschool and I still sometimes use the web publishing app at Notebooking Pages.
You can read all about the giveaway here.

Something I Often Used

In our homeschooling journey we found and used many different products and curricula. One of these that I went back to again and again was
Notebooking pages can be used for journaling, for lapbooking, and even to make workbooks and notebooks. By using the Notebooking Publisher web-app, I created workbooks to go with science books and to go with literature studies. I could three hole punch them or use my ProClick to spiral bind them.
Notebooking pages has a great membership sale coming up, but first they are having a giveaway.
Check out the free pages that are available to see if they are for you. Let someone else do some of the work for you.
Winter Giveaway & Membership Sale Event

Birthday Sale at Notebooking Pages

I love! I have used the pre made pages and the Publishing application to create my own pages. These are great tools for your homeschool. 9th Birthday Sale-a-Bration

A new giveaway at Notebooking Pages

Notebooking  Pages & Confessions of a Homeschooler Giveaway

Cyber Week Sale at Notebooking Pages Cyber Week Membership Sale

I have used Notebooking Pages and the Notebooking Publisher web app in my homeschool for years. These resources could even be used by students creating reports for public school classes. These are great for use in a variety of homeschooling styles, too!