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That Resource Site

Wow! A friend posted about a science resource on one of the email loops to which I belong. When I checked out the page, though, there was so much more than just the Famous Scientist cards that she had sent the information about.
There are faith formation printables, science printables, book report printables, and the list goes on!
To top it all off, they are having a contest for an Amazon gift card.
Check it out!

Getting Ready

The new school year is fast approaching. The one thing that I do consistently to begin the school year is First Friday Mass and adoration. Every year I have grand plans for what we will accomplish and I plan the first couple of months and somewhere around December or January I tend to slack off. I look at the goals I have set and realize that I have set the bar too high. It is not necessarily too high for my children, but it is too high for me. I need to be able to keep up if the plan is going to work.
I know that I tend toward laziness. I have no doubt that we will use all the different curricula. My doubt lies in the ancillary things that I would like to add, all the crafts and fun stuff. Things like Facebook and solitaire on my computer are more of a temptation than curriculum planning and correcting the work that is done. I know that it is a lack of discipline on my part that causes these things to be a distraction.
I have found some great planning resources online that I hope will help me to stay the course this year. There is a free downloadable Student Planner here. and a Curriculum Planner as well.
Sanctus Simplicitus has a Catholic planner available. There are sample pages to download.
As is usual for us, we will use an eclectic variety of curricula. I have looked at “boxed” curricula and none of it has ever really fit. The math book might be ok, but the speller was atrocious, or the language arts were great but the history was tedious and boring. I have amassed a variety of resources over the years that I like and that seem to work well for us.
For arithmetic I like Systematic Mathematics. This year dear son (age 11) has moved out of the Practical Arithmetics books and will be using Establishing the Basics. He will be using God’s Marvelous Works books one and two from Rod and Staff for science this year, as well as several small unit studies for science. Rod and Staff does not actually sell their books online. They can be purchased online at a couple of different vendors. The books I am using are used by Seton for fifth and sixth grades. We will be getting through both this year. At some point in the first half of the year, we will be dissecting an owl pellet. I am looking forward to this, although I am not certain that dear son is.
Dear son will use Following Christ from the Faith and Life series for religion this year. We will also focus on learning the changes to the Mass that will be instituted during Advent this year.
For history we will be using a combination of resources. We have History Links: Ancient Greece, the MODG syllabus for seventh grade, and Connecting with History Volume II. Dear son will also be starting Latin with Latina Christiana I from Memoria Press. This should tie in nicely with our study of Ancient Rome. We will begin the year with a study of Ancient Greece. Since our history studies include a great deal of reading of both non-fiction and historical fiction, our literature studies will focus on these books.
Both Dear son and dear daughter will be using Grammarlogues for grammar study. Dear daughter will continue her studies of history with the renaissance using Connecting With History Volume III and a Renaissance lapbook from In the Hands of a Child.
Dear daughter will be studying consumer math this year using this and this. She really struggled with Algebra last year, so I thought a break for something practical and useful for the “real world” might be a nice change for her. She will also begin studying Spanish, use the Ark and the Dove from Lepanto Press for religion.
For science dear daughter will be studying Anatomy and Physiology this year. She will be using Human Anatomy and Physiology books one and two from Simple Schooling. We also have selections from the Kaplan Medical Anatomy Coloring Book that she will use in conjunction with the A&P text. Last year she studied Biology. Given her math struggles, I figured we would save Chemistry until next year.

Dear Lord,
Please help us to keep our focus on You and Your will for the future. Please keep me, in particular, on Your path so that I may the guide to my children that You would have me be.

About life

As a woman over 40, mammogram has become just part of the yearly health routine. The first time I had a “routine” mammogram I was called back for a second look. The doctors decided that what they saw was just dense tissue and that was that. Last year I went in and there was new digital technology in place. I had one set of “films” and was not called back. On February 24, 2011, I went for my yearly mammogram. I got a letter asking me to call to schedule more “films” and possibly an ultrasound. Having been through this once before, I thought nothing of it.
On March 7, I went in for the second look. The radiologist looked at the pictures and sent me to ultrasound. They couldn’t see anything in ultrasound. At this point, I was getting a little concerned. The radiologist had me come look at pictures with her and recommended a biopsy, but first she wanted one more picture because she though she saw 2 areas of concern, not just one. Fortunately, the second film of the second area showed that there was nothing of concern there.
The technologist walked me to the scheduling desk to schedule an appointment with a surgeon. He looked at everything and had his office schedule me for a Stereotactic core biopsy. He doesn’t perform these, a radiologist does. There are details about this type of biopsy all over the web.
Wednesday March 23, I had the biopsy. While the information at is pretty accurate. It does not prepare you for the actual procedure. The pushing, pulling and prodding of breast tissue leaves one very sore before the biopsy itself is even started. The breast remains squeezed tight within the specialized mammography equipment while the biopsy is performed. There was some discomfort during the procedure, but it was less painful than I thought it would be. I tried to pray a rosary and offer the situation to our Lord. I know I didn’t get through all 5 decades of the Glorious mysteries. I think I made it about half way through the third mystery before I got to a point where I could not pray. I could not think. I was overwhelmed.
This afternoon I went for a wound check and the biopsy results. The wound looks good. There was very little bleeding and only some slight bruising. The results of pathology: Reactive intramammary lymph node, no evidence of malignancy.
I am quite relieved. I had prepared myself to hear the worst. I am so glad it was not the worst, though.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for this learning experience. I was covered in prayer from the moment I told my friends, Your people, about this issue. I felt a great deal of peace throughout the process because of all the love shared with me through prayer. I hope I have learned to simply trust that You are in charge. Please forgive me if I fail to always recall that You are in charge.


The heart

While studying the heart, we were instructed to used graham crackers and red and blue frosting to make a model of the heart. We had graham crackers, but, alas, the only frosting we had was left over green frosting from Christmas time. Well, we made a model by other means. Instead of using graham crackers to represent the auricles and ventricles, we used pudding cups. We added blue food coloring to vanilla pudding to show deoxygenated blood, and put some pink writing icing on top of vanilla pudding to stand in as oxygenated blood. We then used mini marshmallows to demonstrate the position of the ascending and descending aorta. This was our result:

My son’s favorite part was eating the pudding!

Dear Lord,
Thank You for the way ways we can learn about Your creation. We are fearfully and wonderfully made in Your image and likeness. Please help us to represent You to one another.

More science

My son’s anatomy book has fun experiments. He was studying blood and we made this model of what is in blood:

We used corn syrup to represent plasma, red hots to represent red blood cells, a single white jelly bean to represent a white blood cell, and colored sugar to represent platelets. Our “recipe” called for sprinkles to represent platelets, but I didn’t have any so we substituted the colored sugar.