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A reflection on events of 2011

It is December 25, 2011, the Solemnity of the Birth of our Lord. We are truly blessed to have a warm home, clothes and food and the love of family. Many have so much less.
I feel blessed to have been able to help out a neighbor during a time of need this past year. She was very ill and depressed. There were days when helping her felt like a burden, but the right thing to do. I pray I did what the Lord willed. I am very glad that she is much better and that she no longer needs me on a daily basis. She has even moved on to helping out someone else in need.
She has thanked me many times for doing what I could for her. I told her that we are supposed to care for one another. She says that most people don’t or won’t do so.
I have felt all year that this was really too easy a corporal work of mercy. I didn’t have to go far, and it was only a small amount of my time.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for the opportunity to serve you by helping others. Please continue to heal those who are hurting and ill. Use me in this capacity if it be Your will.

What we’ve been up to…..

Things have been quite busy here. Between all of our school work and household chores, we have been fund raising for DD15 to go on a trip. She is leaving on Wednesday for the National Catholic Youth Conference. She is quite excited. I am happy that she is excited, but I am also a little nervous about the travel. The last time she traveled without me she was in an auto accident and it took her all summer to recuperate from it. I guess she is statistically less like to have any issues this time, but I am a mom, after all.
We participated in the making of several “drive thru dinners.”

We also participated in several bake sales, an M&M’s mini change fundraiser, a Knights of Columbus “tootsie roll drive,” a couple of pancake breakfasts, a craft fair, “Celebrate Ludlow,” a Tupperware fundraiser, and one day of “rent a teen.” There was also a fundraiser which included putting plastic flamingos on people’s lawns. We only did this once as it seemed a little like participating in graffiti to me. We had to raise about $1000. We paid a little bit out of pocket toward that goal in the form of the initial deposit.
We have worked toward this goal for the last eight months.
I am sure that the next several days will be wonderful for DD. She will be surrounded by 20,000 other young Catholics. They will celebrate the Holy Mass together and participate in Eucharistic adoration. She will be immersed in her faith. I pray that this trip draws her closer to our Lord.

Dear Lord,
Thank You for the opportunity for DD. She is excited. Please keep her safe as she travels. Please draw her closer to You and to Your Sacred Heart. May Your truth be all that she seeks. Please be with the other pilgrims on the journey. May all of their hearts be touched by Your love and grace. There are a couple of young people who desperately need You to touch their lives, Lord. It is obvious in what they say and how they act that they are searching. Touch them particularly, please.
Mother Mary, please lay your mantle over the pilgrims and keep them safe from harm.

Hurricane Irene

Today hurricane Irene blew through our area. Most of my city was unaffected, but the city I grew up in had flooding when the Mill River rose to record highs. My dear friend Jeanie had water from the Deerfield River up her driveway and right to her garage doors in Charlemont, MA. Localities all around us have had flooding from breaches of the riverbanks. Westfield, MA had to evacuate, Shelburne Falls, MA had to evacuate. The Bridge of Flowers which spans the Deerfield River in Shelburne Falls, MA was under water.

Most concerning to me right now is that people are going out and playing in the water. Flood waters have a tendency to be unpredictable and dangerous. I pray that no one loses their life because they decided to play in the flood waters.
We had a lull in the storm for about an hour and a half with sun peeking through, but it is gray and windy again. I am hoping that gray and windy is all that it will be so that there will be no more flooding.

Thank you for bringing us safely through all the severe weather and natural disasters that have hit our area this summer; a tornado in June, a microburst in July, an earthquake last week and now this storm which was originally a hurricane and came through here as a tropical storm. Please watch over my family and friends as they weather the end of the storm and keep them safe from harm.