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It’s been busy

doctorI haven’t written much here this year. We have had a very busy year. One of our children has had some mental health issues this year and getting medications adjusted has been a challenge. In December, I was hospitalized between Christmas and New Year’s Day with a MRSA cellulitis. It was weeks before I felt half way normal again. In February I threw a bridal shower for my older daughter. In April, my older daughter married her long time steady boyfriend, and the day after the wedding my mother was hospitalized and in an induced coma on a ventilator for 10 days. In between all this, we have helped care for my next door neighbor who has been recovering from a medical emergency for the last 2 years. It appears that there may be an end in sight for her health issues.¬† I am grateful for faith, because without it I might despair in all of the tumult.

Dear Lord,

Thank You for all the learning experiences this year. Please help me to continue to grow beyond my comfort zone and to be the woman You would have me be.


Sometimes it is hard to offer it up

We often hear the phrase, “Offer it up.” Sometimes this seems easy to do. When we have a minor issue that causes us little pain or inconvenience, offering it up is easy. When we have larger issues or greater pain, it can be more difficult.
I have chronic back pain. A “fender-bender” automobile accident in which my vehicle was rear-ended left me with a herniated disk in my lower back. Most of the time I have little pain unless I over do. The last couple of days, however, I have had pain that has brought tears to my eyes and left me feeling rather feeble as certain movements are literally causing me to not be able to stand up. I rested yesterday in the hopes that my back would be better today. Unfortunately, it is not any better today.
As I laid in bed last night trying to find a comfortable position, I was brought to tears by turning over. I did manage to utter a brief prayer of “I offer this for…” Often, though, I feel ill used, crabby, and sad when I deal with pain or inconvenience.
Many of the saints had trials that caused them great physical or emotional pain. They offered no complaints about these trials and offered their pain and sacrifice to Our Lord in reparation for sin or for the souls in purgatory. I need to take lesson from them.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for the pain in my back today. Thank you for the saints who give me an example of how to offer my pain, inconvenience and short comings to you as a sacrifice for others. Please help me to remember to offer these things to you.