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Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s day brings to mind things that I don’t often think about anymore. While I have four living children, I had two other pregnancies that ended at around seven weeks gestation.  Both of these losses were devastating. On Mother’s day I think of these two children who were so small that I don’t know their genders. One of these children was very my very first pregnancy.  The other was my third pregnancy.

On Mother’s Day I also think of my three stepsons and all of the “stuff” that comes with being a step mother. It is a fine line to walk, to be supportive and loving without over stepping the invisible boundaries. There are bittersweet memories of things like helping with homework and realizing that their mother was not really capable of helping them with it.

I look to the Blessed Mother now and pray that I can learn from her even know that my children are grown and nearly grown. I pray that I can achieve even some small part of the goal to be like Her.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for all the gifts you have given me.  Thank you for my children and my stepsons. Each of them has taught me something.


Pro-Life Movie comes to Springfield, April 13, 2012!

OCTOBER BABY shines a light on a real but little-known topic, the survivors of attempted abortions. Survivors themselves say there are thousands of individuals who survived attempted abortions, though statistics are rarely tracked. Many of these survivors have grown up to speak out on life-related issues. OCTOBER BABY follows the dramatic, humorous, romantic story of 19-year-old Hannah, who goes on a road trip to find answers after learning she is adopted and the survivor of an attempted abortion. OCTOBER BABY is opening at Springfield’s Entertainment Cinemas on April 13, 2012.
Discount tickets are available at St.Catherine of Siena in Springfield and St. Stanislaus Basilica in Chicopee.
For more information, see, or contact Karen Ford, Action Squad Leader for Springfield, at or 413.301.6499.

I Choose Life

As a young woman I believed that abortion was wrong, but that it was not my place to tell anyone else what to do.

In 1986 I got pregnant for the first time.  I was so excited and loved that baby from the moment I first learned of his existence.  My perspective on pregnancy and motherhood was forever altered.  I lost that pregnancy and that child at 7 weeks gestation.  I was devastated.  Well meaning friends and relatives said things like, “You’re young.  You can have another one.”

My thoughts were, “What if I can’t have a baby?  What if I can’t get pregnant again?”

When I had had my first gyn check up, my doctor told me that I would have difficulty getting pregnant because my uterus tips backward.  What if he was right?  What if….

It was at that point that I realized just how selfish an act abortion is.  It is the murder of an unborn child whose rights are not ever taken into consideration, a child who could have loving adoptive parents if only her mother would carry her to term rather than kill her, a child who could be the one to find a cure for cancer.

In that moment of my loss, I saw clearly for the first time that we must protect the unborn.  It was in that moment that I realized that I choose life.



Photo credit: Life Site News