Favorite Tools

This is a Mega Thatsa Bowl from Tupperware. It holds 42 cups and is the perfect tool for many of the big jobs around my kitchen. I use it when I am mixing up a batch of baking mix that starts with 5 pounds of flour. I also use it for mixing things like triple batches of scalloped potatoes with ham and cheese like I cooked for dinner tonight. If you have a large family, it is an awesome tool for your kitchen.

This is a tool that is new in my homeschool. It is a GBC ProClick. With it I can bind pages together in a spiral binding to make books. I won this recently in a drawing from NotebookingPages.com. Debra Reed of Notebooking Pages uses on in her homeschool and wanted to share this tool with others. I am so excited to have it. I had been eying it online at Amazon for a while. I have already bound several things that I used to keep in binders. It is amazing how much that has opened up my shelf space. I am looking ahead to the end of the school year when I will bind together some of my children’s work to save for future reference.This is what the binding spines look like.
This tool is used to close the spine once the punched pages are laid into it.
Here are a few finished books.

This is already becoming a favorite tool! I am really looking forward to using it to put a new “spin” on our lapbooks.

Dear Lord,
Thank you sending me this wonderful tool through the contest on Notebooking Pages. May it become a blessing to others as well as to my family. Please show me how both of these tools can be used to help others.

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