It has been an eventful 24 hours. My daughter came home from camp last night. Her camp is about 7 hours away, so parents car pool. The car my daughter was traveling in was side swiped. The initial impact was right next to my daughter. Fortunately, she was the only one hurt. The mom who was driving managed to keep control of the car which was no small feat since it was dark, raining and thunder and lightning. My dear daughter was taken to the hospital via ambulance an hour and a half away from home. She is only bruised, though. God was looking out for her.
My dear son came home from camp today. When I went to pick him up I ran into a friend I know through homeschooling. Her 2 boys were not only at camp, but in my son’s cabin and group! I came home to a message from another friend who said that her son made a great new friend…my son! We are already planning to get together!

Dear Lord,
Thank you for keeping your hand of protection over my children while they were away from me. Please continue to watch over them. Please help me to be the mother You want them to have.

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