Map Trek

A couple of years ago my daughter was studying Ancient Egypt and Ancient Israel. One of the exercises her lesson plans called for was to use a map of Ancient Egypt and to fill in certain cities, rivers and landmarks. I could not find a map in any of the homeschool resources that were available to me at the time. Fast forward to a couple of months ago. Terri Johnson of Knowledge Quest and Bramley Books put out Map Trek: Ancient World An Atlas and outline maps of world history.

There are lesson plans, chronological maps from the Descendants of Noah, Mesopotamia, Ancient Africa, Ancient Egypt, The Exodus, Early Greece, Solomon’s Kingdom, The Founding of Rome just to name a few. I use Mother of Divine Grace syllabi, and they frequently call for the use of maps. Map Trek lists the following curriculi as using chronological maps for their history programs: TruthQuest History, Story of the World, Biblioplan for Families, Tapestry of Grace, Sonlight Curriculum, Mystery of History, My Father’s World, Living Books Curriculum, Ambleside Online and Winter Promise. I am certain that any geography program would also benefit fro the use of these maps. The ability to contrast how different areas of the world look today with how they were laid out in ancient times is of great value to anyone currently studying geography or history.

If you are in need of maps, I recommend taking a look at this resource. It is not the only map resource I have purchased through the years, but I really am glad I have found it. My son is now studying Ancient Egypt and Israel. I am glad I have the resources he needs to more fully understand what he is learning.

Thank you Terri Johnson for a great product. I am looking forward to looking at the Map Trek Medieval World next. My daughter is studying that time period now.