Thank God Ahead of Time

Thank God Ahead of Time, The Life and Spirituality of Solanus Casey by Michael Crosby, O.F.M is exactly what it describes itself to be: a book about the life of Solanus Casey.
Prior to reading this book, I had been hearing the name of Solanus Casey frequently. Fr. Benedict Groeschel had mentioned him on Sunday Night Live, and I had heard him spoken of on several different podcasts. My curiosity was piqued. As I read about what a humble man Fr. Casey was, and about his sincere belief that all prayers are answered, I found my own way of praying changed. I found myself thanking God for answering my requests as I prayed instead of waiting for a result.

Solanus Casey often referred to himself as a poor sinner and requested the prayers of those who sought him out. He believed that God’s power was available to each and every one of us if only we had the faith. He lived his life in the service of the Lord as a Capuchin Friar, and he lived the corporal works of mercy by example. He sought to help those in poverty, whether spiritual poverty or a lack of wordly means. He was obedient to his superiors and sought to accept criticism with grace and humility. While he sought justice for those who were downtrodden or wronged, he never sought it for himself, and it is said that he never spoke ill of another.
I pray that his example of how to draw closer to Christ will help me on my journey, and I recommend this wonderful book to any who would also seek to be closer to God.

Solanus Casey is Venerable Solanus Casey. His cause for canonization is being reviewed.

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